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March 27, 2013 4:49 AM
The censorious White House: US Magazine on Obama vacay removed?
Posted by Laura
Remember when the White House told the press corps last year that they were not allowed to report on the vacation of Malia Obama in Mexico with classmates? After initially running a story about Michelle and the girls in the Bahamas, US magazine seems to have pulled the story from the internet. The calls for a zone of privacy for the children are appropriate. However, when the White House decides to shut the White House to public tours to demonstrate the onerous effects of the sequester, it is more than reasonable for the press to question the president's decision to send the Secret Service to the Atlantis Resort to trail around after his family. Is this luxury essential? Does it set the right tone at a time when the president has intoned that "everybody has to take a haircut, everybody has to sacrifice." As the Weekly Standard noted in its reporting yesterday--the Obamas have taken a vacation each month since December. The president pays for his own vacation, but not for the considerable cost of security and travel for himself of his family. On her Mexican spring break last year, Malia Obama was guarded by no fewer than 25 Secret Service agents. The President could set the example of sacrifice at the top by having the fam do low-key trips after their jaunts to Hawaii and Aspen this year. Wouldn't that be refreshing?
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