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June 23, 2014 2:00 PM
The Tea Party Steps Up in Mississippi
Posted by Laura

We're thrilled to see Jenny Beth Martin stepping up and leading national Tea Party groups to mobilize behind Chris McDaniel in Mississippi. Her fervent support for McDaniel represents a promising sign for the grassroots movement. 

Listeners of the show are well aware that Jenny Beth Martin did not get involved in Dave Brat's campaign, but Martin has recently emerged, defensive, about this stain on her organization's record. Martin has accused Laura of being "misinformed," asserting that, "[Laura] never talked to me." One of Martin's campaign directors was even quoted as saying, "When did Laura Ingraham become Chris Matthews?"

Martin, however, gets a few of the facts wrong here that we cannot allow to stand uncorrected... The Laura Ingraham Staff reached out to Martin and her organization several times via email and telephone before Brat's election-- imploring her group to get involved in his race. Yet our emails went unanswered. Laura also hosted Jenny Beth Martin on her show; during the segment, Laura brought Brat to Martin's attention, asking Martin to get involved, and again Laura's request was dismissed. 

That being said, we are thrilled that Martin has clearly learned the important lesson of the Brat upset, and has decided to apply that lesson to the primary in Mississippi by throwing the full weight of her support behind McDaniel, a strong conservative candidate and pro-worker patriot. Hopefully, she and her team will continue do so in other primaries as primary season continues.

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