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August 15, 2014 7:15 AM
The Real Facts About Our Border
Posted by Staff

Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, Sharyl Attkisson discussed the Obama Administration's refusal to enforce our southern border.

Attkisson told Ingraham several important facts that we don't hear from the mainstream media:

  1. Border Patrol agents are told to stand down: “Whether spoken or unspoken, there is a policy coming from the top, that [border patrol agents are] basically to be very lenient and try to let as many people go as possible, that’s what they think, that’s the message they think they’re receiving. They are very frustrated because... they basically feel they’re being told not to do the job.”

  2. Unaccompanied minors are not due in court for 10 years: "I spoke to a member of Congress who said that some of the court dates being given [to illegal immigrants] are ten years out, so I think... we'll fret about it and talk about it, but we won't make any interim moves to stem it and we'll accept the ones who came here already."

  3. Even humanitarian groups are saying that we need to send the border kids back to stem the surge: "One humanitarian group--or analyst group-- said that the quickest way to stop [the surge at our border] would be to quickly send them back, so that word gets around. And this is a group that thinks that the ones that are due shelter should be sheltered here, but at the same time they said, 'we've got to send some sort of message if we want to stop it.'" Facebook Fark Furl
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