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November 24, 2012 10:58 AM
The GOP on verge of playing cynical border game for votes
Posted by Laura

For all those "conservatives" in positions of power who are rushing to embrace a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, Byron York schools you on the real factors that lead to Romney's loss. York concludes after a detailed analysis of turnout: "even if Romney had made historic gains among Hispanic voters, he still would have lost the election."  Romney's real problem was that he under performed among social conservatives.  (Contrary to the left-wing talking points that Romney was "dragged to the right" in the primaries, the truth is the GOP nominee rarely discussed core issues that excite religious conservatives.)  Knee-jerk reactions in some GOP quarters could mean that Barack Obama could finally make good on his promise to enact "immigration reform.". That will help his legacy, but unlikely to amount to much for Republicans.  By abandoning the first principles of safeguarding our sovereignty and upholding our rule of law, the GOP will embark on a fool's errand that could actually end up ensuring that more of its base will stay home in 2016. Facebook Fark Furl
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