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July 7, 2011 8:48 AM
The Free Museums
Posted by Staff
A museum for every single ethnic group? Well Congressman James Moran says why not celebrate everyone together? If you have been to the National Mall in Washington, DC. you know what this story is all about. After reading this you should check out pg. 226 in 'Zing.' You will find something to laugh about.

The New York Times reports:

Representative James P. Moran, a Virginia Democrat who is concerned about the propagation of ethnic museums on the National Mall in Washington, sees a possible antidote: a National Museum of the American People, dedicated, in the words of a resolution Mr. Moran plans to introduce in the House, to celebrating all immigrants, “from the very first to the most recent.”

It “may be idealistic,” Mr. Moran said in a telephone interview, “but I do think there’s merit in the idea of showing all the American people how all the various threads of ethnicities and races and religions came together.” He said he hoped that such a museum would reduce the pressure to create museums for different ethnic groups, like the National Museum of African American History and Culture, expected to open in 2015, and the proposed National Museum of the American Latino.
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