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August 10, 2017 7:26 AM
The Democrats' foolish family feud
Posted by Staff
The Week:

The Democratic Party is tearing itself apart, with the forever war between the leftist Bernie Sanders and centrist Hillary Clinton wings of the party erupting once again into open think-piece warfare over the last week. Bodies are strewn everywhere from The New Republic to The Washington Monthly. Left-on-left Twitter looks like Day 110 of The Battle of the Somme.

But while the struggle for the party's ideological soul is important, it is a massive distraction from the critical work of containing the menace of the Trump administration. Messy internecine fighting is also unnecessary. Democrats are being pulled inexorably to the left by broader trends in American politics and society, and if the two camps don't realize, soon, that they desperately need each other to gain and then effectively wield power, they may both lose.

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