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July 24, 2013 3:01 PM
The Daily Fix for Wednesday, July 24th
Posted by Staff
Order up: More unpalatable reform from Michelle Obama

Yesterday, Michelle Obama climbed up to her pulpit in front of La Raza and spewed out her support of some unappetizing policies for the American people. After taking the listener for a long-winded description of all of the delicious foods that dominated her childhood memories, Michelle insisted that the American people shouldn't eat any of that food anymore. Similarly unappetizing was Michelle's vow that her "husband won't give up until a good [immigration] bill gets on his desk" (and subsequently flooded the American job market with cheap labor). I, for one, say let Obama's followers eat broccoli... I'll keep my BBQ ribs and American jobs, thank you.

Behind closed doors...

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) revealed what went on behind yesterday's closed-door Tea Party meeting. Apparently, immigration, Lee claims, "hardly came up". Instead, they focused on the much less divisive issue of ObamaCare, and Senator Lee's threat to shut down the government in an effort to stop ObamaCare. Although most Republicans have put up a united front against ObamaCare, there's still one "maverick," who would rather cozy up with Obama and his Senate Democrat friends. Lee, however, said he's still holding out hope for McCain and hopes to make a "convert" out of him yet - Laura, however, scoffed at the idea. (Listen free)

Beck: Piecemeal immigration reform will be passed 'chump by chump'

Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA, disclosed that the Department of Homeland Security is barring information about immigration from the public. Without this information, he explains, "every border security [provision] that's in the Senate bill or House border bill are just showpieces" because we lack the information which would allow us to measure whether we are creating effective reform. Washington has to learn that, "it's not how much money you spend; it's whether you actually do something that's effective." Beck asserts that, "these kinds of statistics would really call into question [whether] anyone knows what they're doing in Washington." Speaking of people who don't know what they're doing, Beck believes that Rubio's support of immigration was "a political thing where he thought he could make himself really famous." Unfortunately, Beck concludes, Rubio will have to settle for simply becoming "infamous." (Laura 365 Exclusive) Facebook Fark Furl
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