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July 17, 2013 1:00 PM
The Daily Fix for Wednesday, July 17th
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Republicans: Stand our ground!

Republicans of today have taken up a new mantra: "If there's a way for us to give up something and get nothing... we'll do it!" Republicans need to learn to stand their ground! Stand your ground against the nuclear option, against immigration and against Eric Holder. In any fight, whether it be Tae Kwon Do or a senate debate, if you back up, you're vulnerable. It's just common sense... you need to stand your ground!

Pat Buchanan: It's time to go back to the basics

Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan has a simple question for our Congressmen: "Shouldn't we put the hard working American people first?" The thought that we would consider passing immigration reform, which would only add hardship and fiercer job competition to the already struggling American middle class, shows just how far we have come from the old doctrine of Republicanism. Buchanan argued that we should reinstate protectionist trade policy and bring factories back to the US, which would open up more American jobs and restore American independence on the world stage. (Listen Free)

Eric Sapp: As good Evangelical Christians, we must create a path to citizenship

The conversation got heated as Eric Sapp, spokesperson for the Evangelical Immigration Table, insisted that Christian values and the Bible mandate that we open our hearts and our borders to immigrants. Laura, quite adverse to this position, argued that, as good Christians, it is our job to respect and protect our American citizens first and ensure they have the means to put food on their families' tables. When the conversation turned to economics, the two continued to butt heads as Laura insisted that jobs were limited, while Sapp was adamant that America has never been threatened by scarcity and, instead, is constantly finding and creating more opportunities for wealth. Laura, however, remains firm in support of the CBO report: flooding the work force with millions of new immigrants will only increase unemployment and decrease wages! (Laura 365 Member Exclusive) Facebook Fark Furl
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