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April 3, 2013 3:40 PM
The Daily Fix for Wednesday, April 3rd
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Conservatives need to make stronger arguments in line with their beliefs

Laura says, "You will get more votes when you make a cogent argument that appeals to the majority of people. You appear to be principled when you make that argument."
State Representative Cafero explains why he supports the Connecticut gun control legislation

Connecticut House Minority Leader Larry Cafero explains why he supports the stringent gun control legislation that is up for vote Wednesday. He says that the proposed bill is the lesser of evils. "[Connecticut House Democrats] have proposed retroactive banning and confiscation of any weapon you can imagine. That is how we started." Cafero points out that he had limited influence because Republicans are a minority in Connecticut, which ultimately convinced him to advocate for the less onerous restrictions when crafting the bipartisan legislation.
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Kirk Wiebe concerned about the government storing and tracking your private communications

Kirk Wiebe worked for the National Security Administration but left after discovering that the program he co-created to track potential foreign threats is being used on US citizens. Most concerning to Wiebe is the recording and monitoring of American citizens' communications under the guise of thwarting terrorist attacks. Safeguards that he had recommended to protect citizens' identities were not put in place, which he calls irresponsible and reckless; "If you need to connect dots between people you don't know and a criminal, you don't need to know detailed information on those people to connect the dot."
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