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April 10, 2013 2:00 PM
The Daily Fix for Wednesday, April 10th
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American views on taxes show an opening for conservatives

"A clear majority of Americans have a negative view of the federal income tax system. This information is gold for the GOP! You need a strong spokesperson for the conservative movement to push this issue," says Laura.
Laura challenges Rubio on immigration stance

I hope Marco Rubio is as tough on the illegal immigrants as he is on Jay-Z and Beyonce for traveling to Cuba!

Ted Cruz defends his filibuster on gun control

Sen. Ted Cruz (R, TX) joined us on air today to blast back at critics of this week's filibuster that he and 13 other senators are waging. In response to John McCain and other critics who have argued that those filibustering are not allowing a debate, Sen. Cruz countered, "...the criticism has been silly...we are having a debate, and we are going to have a vote. We are going to have a vote on cloture tomorrow, and we are debating it." Senator Cruz says that he continues to oppose any form of universal background checks including the new "compromise" bill by Senators Pat Toomey (R, PA) and Joe Manchin (D, WV). "The biggest problem is that the Justice Department has explained the only way to enforce universal background checks is for the federal government to maintain a gun registry. In my view, maintaining a federal gun registry raises very serious constitutional concerns. It is not consistent with the 2nd Amendment, and it has historically been the predicate for gun taxation, gun regulation, and ultimately gun confiscation."
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Mark Mazzetti explains how the CIA has shifted from spying to target killings

Mark Mazzetti, author of the book, The Way of the Knife, describes how the CIA has departed from its original mandate to collect foreign intelligence. "It has changed this spying and espionage service into more of a man-hunting and killing service," says Mazzetti. The CIA has become more active and aggressive in whom it pursues, even if innocent lives are caught in the crosshairs. "We also see the bar has been lowered in terms of who they are going after," states Mazzetti, referencing that drone use is no longer solely play for high-stake targets.
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