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June 25, 2013 12:39 PM
The Daily Fix for Tuesday, June 25th
Posted by Staff
It's time to punish liberal republicans and kick them out of office

"These people in Congress have no common sense. They have no clear way of looking at legislation...I could find any person off the street who could go to Washington and do a better job of addressing the priorities of the American people and the American worker. We need a smart and savvy Reagan conservative to run against these moderates like Sen. Lindsey Graham. It's time to punish liberal republicans and kick them out of office."

Sen. Rand Paul: Boehner must "stand strong" on immigration reform in the House

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) warned Speaker Boehner on immigration reform today, saying that "our only hope is that Speaker Boehner will stand strong and will not allow something to come out of the House that is not a good bill." Sen. Paul also addressed the dangers of the administration's targeting of coal plants in light of Pres. Obama's new executive orders to reign in subsidies to the coal industry. "We're really struggling in Kentucky. We have thousands of workers at risk. This is an unnecessary battle, because if you look at emissions from coal plants they have been going down for forty years," he said. (Listen Free)

Bill Kristol: Republican Senators have abandoned their constituents

Bill Kristol, Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly Standard, questioned the rush to push the immigration bill through Congress, "It's pretty amazing to me that republicans, including republicans who were going to support the bill, are willing to invoke cloture [so quickly]. They didn't even grant the courtesy to their fellow senators to say that if this is a good bill it can withstand a week or two of scrutiny." Kristol summed up the current situation of the legislation: "The elites of both parties are basically conspiring to jam something through without a serious public debate and I don't think it can be permitted." (Laura 365 Exclusive) Facebook Fark Furl
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