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July 16, 2013 12:49 PM
The Daily Fix for Tuesday, July 16th
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The first black president has only inflamed racial tensions

"Do you see how many issues are at play here with the Zimmerman case? The failure of public education, the breakup of the family, the drug culture, society's lack of initiative, and the promotion of racial tensions in society are all intertwined in this case."

"President Obama, call the 'Redline' and answer it yourself...what have you delivered to the kids in the inner city as the first African American president? Apparently, all we're delivering to them is a stoking of their selective racial outrage."

Trump: We must move on from the Zimmerman case and return to improving the country

Donald Trump, American business magnate and Host of The Apprentice, addressed the tragedy of the Zimmerman case today, calling the jury's verdict a "courageous decision, since it would have been easier for them to go a different route." Trump went on, however, to say that the country needs to refocus and "get back to the business" of improving the economy and creating jobs. To conclude the interview, Trump discussed how immigration reform and the immediate legalization of 11 million immigrants would hurt the GOP tremendously down the road: "Every one of those people, if they get the right to vote, will be voting for the Democrats," he argued. (Laura 365 Exclusive)

Thomas Sowell denounces the public backlash after the Zimmerman verdict

Dr. Thomas Sowell, economist and author of Intellectuals and Race, warned about the consequences of the Zimmerman trial and the negative effect it would have on the criminal justice system. "The way this thing was handled, particularly the way the media has behaved and the way political figures have behaved... if that continues this will not be the same America ten or twenty years from now." Such a way of dealing with judicial proceedings will "eat away at the whole legal system, and juries will be forced to question whether they are there to render the judgment according to the facts or public opinion," he concluded. (Listen Free) Facebook Fark Furl
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