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April 9, 2013 9:26 PM
The Daily Fix for Tuesday, April 9th
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The Left wants to destroy American Society

"Those on the left today that seek the transformation of American society have worked tirelessly to get American society where it is today. They were stopped in their tracks by the likes of Reagan and Thatcher. Reagan came along and revealed the left's agenda."
Jim DeMint is skeptical of immigration reform

The new president of the Heritage Foundation, former Sen. Jim DeMint, believes there is no way that Democrats are serious about border enforcement. "Absolutely not. I have been in meetings with Ted Kennedy (and others) and the only thing they want is citizens and voters and union workers," says DeMint. DeMint recalls the last grand bargain proposal on immigration during the Bush administration, "What we found last time was that the enforcement was not there. There were loopholes everywhere in the system." (Listen Free)
Dr. Hallowell: ADHD is frequently over-diagnosed and over-medicated

ADHD expert Dr. Edward Hallowell says that ADHD is consistently diagnosed in error because of lack of knowledge about ADHD amongst doctors and because kids that don't actually have ADHD are overexposed to electronic technology. When overwhelmed by exposure to cell phones and other forms of media, kids often exhibit symptoms similar to those of ADHD. Dr. Hallowell says, "A lot of these kids are over connected electronically and under connected personally. We are deadening our kids' minds and allowing them to put themselves in an electronic trance."
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