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April 2, 2013 12:49 PM
The Daily Fix for Tuesday, April 2nd
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Obamacare is a bureaucratic nightmare

Previous attempts at making healthcare more affordable in Florida through bureaucratic government run initiatives failed miserably. "These big fat government bureaucracies never work. We have examples in the states where this has not worked. Obamacare is crumbling. It's raising premiums and making healthcare less affordable for low income workers. Republicans have to ride this to victory in 2016," Laura exclaims.
Tucker Carlson is resisting a pathway to citizenship

Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Caller, believes that immigration reform benefits democrats, "The democrats have every incentive to increase rather than curtail immigration," because it's 12 million new voters! Carlson argues that amnesty will harm the American taxpayer and create an enormous group of people dependent on entitlements. "We bring a ton of low skilled workers with no education into the country who become mired in welfare programs, and taxpayers pay the tab for it in the end. It is subsidized labor. Taxpayers pay for it in Social Security, Medicaid and food stamps."
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Nicholas Carr warns about overexposure to technology

Technology expert and author Nicholas Carr is concerned that constant exposure to social networks, news, and our smart phones is causing our brains to deteriorate. "When you enter this world of constant stimulus and instant information checking one's phone becomes a compulsion. You constantly have to know what is going on and who is contacting you. But what you lose is the ability to think deeply about anything or focus on tasks long enough to reach any substantive ideas or conclusions," Carr explains.
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