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April 23, 2013 12:38 PM
The Daily Fix for Tuesday, April 23rd
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We could trust Sen. Rubio with securing the border but not the Democrats

"If Sen. Marco Rubio were securing the border himself I would have no problem with it," Laura says. "He would do a great job because he wants the border enforced. The problem is that we are unable to trust the people who are actually responsible for securing the border. It is not in their best interest to enforce anything besides a pathway to citizenship."
Sen. Paul: Congress requires more time to debate immigration reform

In the wake of the Boston terror attacks, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) thinks that a discussion of our national security needs to be at the forefront of the immigration debate. "I think our national security needs to be examined with regard to people coming in and out of the country." Paul also says that in order for an immigration bill to pass both chambers more debate is essential in order to provide conservatives with concrete answers on border enforcement. "I think we do need a full and open debate and I think there is a much better chance of actually passing something if we do because conservatives in the House are not going to let something through that does not secure the border," Sen. Paul explains.
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Naomi Schaefer Riley: Interfaith marriages can be problematic

Naomi Schaefer Riley, author of 'Til Faith Do Us Part, says, "people in interfaith marriages are statistically not as happy as people married with the same faith." The reason, according to Riley, is that couples tend to marry in their late twenties and thirties when religion diminishes in importance. They then return to faith as they grow older, raise children, suffer the loss of a parent, or experience some other major life obstacle. In fact, "more than half of interfaith couples never discuss how they envision raising their children before they get married," says Riley. Riley concludes that for interfaith marriages to be strong, all religious and cultural aspects need to be discussed in depth before the wedding.
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