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May 2, 2013 11:35 AM
The Daily Fix for Thursday, May 2nd
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Immigration Reform Update: Rubio back-tracking

Laura points to the contradictory stance Sen. Rubio took last night on Hannity when he revealed - to no one's surprise - that his bill has major problems with border enforcement. "Two weeks ago, it was the toughest border enforcement, but now it has some real problems when it comes to enforcement? Do you see why people following immigration reform take issue," Laura implores. Sen. Rubio sees his bill's passage slipping away because people have legitimate concerns that are not solved in the 844 page bill. "Is this bill going to strip out all discretion given to Janet Napolitano? I don't think so," Laura scoffs. "Napolitano can do away with requirements for admissibility for due cause if she thinks it's economically beneficial or too burdensome to keep someone out...she can do whatever she wants in this bill. That is a fact."
Vicki Toensing speaks on Benghazi Whistleblowers

Vicki Teonsing wants to speak for the Benghazi whistleblowers, and is representing a Benghazi witness at the upcoming Congressional Hearings. Toensing has served as Reagan's Deputy Assistant Attorney General and currently has a Top Secret Security clearance, which should remove any opposition to her representing her client. Toensing reveals just how irresponsible the Obama Administration's handling of the Benghazi whistleblowers has been: "whistleblowers are supposed to have legal protection but when the State Department is intervening and not allowing this... they are obstructing the witness." Toensing speculates on Obama's motivations for making testifying difficult for Benghazi survivors-he does not want a "Benghazi-gate" on his hands. Laura quips, "that wouldn't look good in his Presidential library... which I'm sure he is already planning."
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Chris Stirewalt on Obamacare's Failure

Stirewalt thinks Obama has run out of gas and is already a lame-duck president. "In Obama's press conference Tuesday it seemed he believes that Obamacare is as good as it's ever going to get!" Obama acknowledged the "glitches" in Obamacare's roll out but he still appears to be oblivious to the havoc he has created in the medical field. Obama had the audacity to say "for the 85 to 90 percent of Americans who already have health insurance, they're already experiencing most of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, even if they don't know it." "Benefits?" scoffs Laura. "If benefits are long lines and plan-B for 15-year-old girls then maybe he's correct." Stirewalt believes that the Democrats are "panicked" over Obamacare's affect on the 2014 midterm elections. He acknowledges the losses they suffered in the midterm elections after Obamacare's passage in 2010, and predicts Democrats will continue to distance themselves from Obamacare-even Sen. Baucus, who was a key player in crafting the bill, has already dubbed it a "train wreck!"
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