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June 20, 2013 1:43 PM
The Daily Fix for Thursday, June 20th
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Call your senator and congressman – Tell them border security must be first!

“The House must back off this immigration bill,” Laura warns. As she predicted and Congressman Gohmert confirmed, “there is a great chance that Speaker Boehner will suspend the Hastert Rule and the Senate will roll over the House. Rock beats paper, and Senate always beats House.” Contrary to the Gang of Eight’s interpretation of the CBO report, immigration reform will undoubtedly lead to lower wages and higher unemployment for middle class America. “No one trusts what is going on with this immigration bill. We can’t fix it. We must ditch it!” Laura asserts.


Congressman Gohmert predicts Boehner will suspend the Hastert Rule

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) hails Laura as being “consistent” and says he “wishes that men on Capitol Hill had half the sense” Laura possesses. “Laura understands intuitively what is really going on. She has been right all along,” Gohmert concludes. Gohmert understands the need to change immigration policies, but believes the comprehensive bill currently in play in the Senate will lead to the same failure as the 1986 legislation. Gohmert argues that Republicans should be “very skeptical and wary of the Senate bill” because it will undeniably lead to “lower wages and higher unemployment.”

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Sen. Cruz: Gang of 8 bill is a disaster

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) argues that, in its current state, the Gang of Eight bill “is a disaster…and that if this bill were passed it does nothing to secure the borders, and it ensures the problem of illegal immigration continues in perpetuity.” Cruz asserts that he cannot and will not support a bill that allows for legalization before border security. The real danger, according to Cruz, is the roughly “twenty senate Republicans that are on the fence.” He warns that the supporters of the bill will use the supposed seventy or more votes for the bill to “bludgeon” the House.  Cruz speaks for the American middle class and the legal immigrants and urges for a grassroots approach to combating the reform.

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