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July 25, 2013 1:33 PM
The Daily Fix for Thursday, July 25th
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Fallen Stars: Polls have turned from Glow-bama to No-bama

Obama is at it again. By strategically pivoting back to the economy, Obama is pulling out all the diversionary tactics he has to try to convince the American people that he's doing his job. However, with the median real household income 5% lower than it was during the recession, convincing us is not going to be easy. That's why his latest speech on the economy turns back to his familiar political narrative: assailing inequality, blaming everyone else for it, and insisting the solution is to throw good money after bad. Eventually, Obama's going to realize that there's only so long a person can implement bad fiscal policies and then play the blame game-the American people are catching on...

Rev. C.L. Bryant to the black community: Where's the outrage?

Reverend C.L. Bryant, former NAACP chapter president turned Tea Party member, cannot understand the Trayvon Martin hysteria: "Why are we haggling over the death of one young man when the epidemic is [that] you have black young men in Chicago killing each other in droves?" He believes that the black community has to rid itself of its hypocritical leaders like race-baiter Al Sharpton, and instead begin taking personal responsibility for their problems. "There are more black babies in the state of New York killed through abortion each year than babies born [...] 47% of black people in Detroit are functionally illiterate. How come no one's marching about that? Where's the outrage?" The lack of attention given to these staggering facts leads Bryant to conclude that regrettably, "personal responsibility is woefully lacking" in the black community. (Listen free)

Victor Davis Hanson honors veterans of the Korean War

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice, Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow in Military History at the Hoover Institution, discussed the historical and strategic intricacies of the war, and venerated those who fought and gave their lives during the three-year-long struggle. He also lamented the fact that the Korean War has become dubbed the Forgotten War. "We made a decision in 1950 until 1953 that we would allow North Korea and the Chinese Communists along with Russian help to do to South Korea what it had done to North Korea. So the reason there's [...] a humane society in South Korea [today] versus the alternative North Korea is because 36,000 Americans died over there along with over a million Koreans to offer an alternative." (Laura 365 Exclusive) Facebook Fark Furl
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