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April 4, 2013 10:58 AM
The Daily Fix for Thursday, April 4th
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Nina Shea aghast over the untold persecution of Christians

Nina Shea, author of the book Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians, discusses the largely untold story of Christian persecution throughout the world. "We are seeing religious cleansing going on right now in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. If Christians are caught with a bible, they are executed," says Shea. In North Korea it is even worse. Shea says, "Generations of people are sent to North Korean concentration camps if a single family member is caught praying. "
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John Stossel on the tyranny of the EPA

John Stossel, Fox Business News Host and author of the new book, No, They Can't, says that the EPA is a serious threat to the American economy. "They spend so much to accomplish very little," says Stossel. He went on to criticize the EPA over its assurances to work with landowners on environmental projects (such as the protecting of a species) that the EPA deems essential, claiming the support is actually a 300 page manual! "Their idea of working with you is slowing you down until you can't build any more," concludes Stossel. (Listen Here)
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Bill, a police officer, was embarrassed by Obama's use of police officers as props in his Denver, Colorado gun speech. (Listen here) Facebook Fark Furl
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