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April 18, 2013 2:20 PM
The Daily Fix for Thursday, April 18th
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Laura: Democrats doomed the Toomey-Manchin gun bill

"Obama could not get Democrats to vote along party lines. He could not keep Sen. Max Baucus in line. He could not keep Sen. Harry Reid in line. And yet Republicans are to blame for this? Maybe the Democrats are more divided than President Obama wants to acknowledge," Laura charges.
Sen. Vitter is not swayed by Sen. Rubio's immigration rhetoric

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) believes the Democrats did not shift to Sen. Rubio's (R-FL) position as Rubio suggested on the show yesterday. According to Sen. Vitter, there was never much disagreement between Rubio and Democrats on immigration in the first place. He asserts, "they started at more or less the same place, which is the same old combination of immediate amnesty with promises of enforcement!" Vitter suspects that more exposure and debate on the immigration reform bill will prevent its passage as a comprehensive bill. "The good news is that when the American people really start to pay attention I think the debate will change for the better," says Vitter.
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Judy Miller: increased surveillance is inevitable after the Boston attacks

Judy Miller, a terrorism and national security expert at the Manhattan Institute, says that in the wake of the Boston Marathon attacks an increase in cameras in public places and other surveillance is inevitable. "This is the way of the future and this is coming whether people like it or not," says Miller. A major driver of this reliance on technology is budget concerns with law enforcement on the local levels. Miller explains that, "with pressures on local police to reduce costs and reduce manpower, they are going to rely more and more on surveillance."
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