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June 24, 2013 3:32 PM
The Daily Fix for Monday, June 24th
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Immigration reform will undermine the already suffering middle class

Laura predicts that, in light of Sen. Schumer’s actions, the subtext of this immigration reform is that it’s going to get violent. Schumer believes that immigration is the next civil rights battle when in actuality it is an attack on the American middle class. Laura coins the term “Obamagration," to describe the Gang of Eight bill because it is simply another policy for the government to yet again overstep its boundaries, reminiscent of Obamacare. She explains that the Corker-Hoeven amendment is likely the last amendment proposed for the bill, but goes on to discuss the hand-written revisions that have recently been written in the margins of the bill making it likely that the bill will pass without any Senator reading it in its entirety.


Sen. Lee: Gang of Eight bill is a threat to the sustainability of the conservative grassroots

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) describes the Gang of Eight bill and the current proceedings of the immigration reform as a representation of “the worst of Washington.” Senator Lee points out that the immigration bill is “neither tough nor fair,” two things which the Gang of Eight promised it would be. He is also adamant that “if this immigration bill passes, the conservative grassroots will stay at home on election day.”

Dr. Morris: Gang of Eight bill will lead to numerous consequences for Black America

Dr. Frank Morris is the former Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Executive Director and former Dean of Graduate Studies at Morgan State University. Dr. Morris is part of a movement of African American voters against immigration reform due to its detrimental effect on the wages and employment options of middle class African American workers.  Dr. Morris points out that with the passage of this immigration bill, the gap between the unemployment rate of blacks and whites is likely to skyrocket due to the introduction of foreign legal labor. Overall, Dr. Frank Morris makes the clear argument; “the American workers are being overlooked," and the solution is to “hold our politicians accountable.” Facebook Fark Furl
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