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April 22, 2013 12:49 PM
The Daily Fix for Monday, April 22nd
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Gang of Eight proposal will fail to ensure enforcement of the border

"The burden shouldn't be on us, the public, to read through all of the democratic staffer written verbiage in this immigration bill," Laura blasts. "The burden should be on the drafters to prove that this bill would be different. I have not seen any indication that this proposal would do any more than the useless amnesty granting proposals of the past," says Laura.
Pat Buchanan: A blanket pardon for illegal immigrants is madness

Pat Buchanan does not favor granting illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, "The idea that we are considering a blanket pardon is an act of madness," he exclaims. Buchanan points to the recent Boston attacks as an example of why people should be more skeptical of immigration reform. "In the wake of what happened in Boston, let's hold back on the amnesty portion of this bill because it would make it easier for people like these bombers to be granted asylum," Buchanan points out.
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Roger Cressey discusses the Boston bombers and immigration reform

Former Director for the Transnational Threats branch of the National Security Council, Roger Cressey, disagrees with Laura over limiting access to visas and asylum for Muslims hailing from countries that have strong fundamentalist tendencies. "Anybody that is using violence to further a particular agenda is by definition an extremist," says Cressey, indicating that Muslims alone should not be singled out.
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