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March 1, 2013 10:59 AM
The Daily Fix for Friday March 1st
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The White House should attend its own anti-bullying clinics

For people who are so against bullying with their big plan to fund anti-bullying programs, the White House has no problem bullying reporters. Who is the real bully now? Maybe they need to enroll in their own workshops,” Laura declares.

George Will on Obama’s doomsday rants over the sequester

Syndicated columnist George Will believes the president has overdone his case on sequestration to the point where people really don’t care anymore. “Whatever size the government is at the moment, it’s the bare minimum standing between us and chaos and misery…Obama has gone so far over the top with his rhetoric here that he has even lost some of the media,” Will says. “I’ll do many things for my profession and my country, but I will not take Jay Carney seriously.”

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John Lott: statistics don’t line up in the crosshairs for gun control

Economist, commentator, and author John Lott asserts that the facts simply deny the arguments of gun control advocates. “You can’t find a place around the world where murder rates have gone down after gun control. In fact, they have gone up,” Lott explains. Lott argues that gun free zones are actually a contributing factor to gun violence. “I feel something has to be done too. You have to look at common factors that exist in all of these shootings. They keep taking place where guns are banned,” he says.

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