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March 15, 2013 11:34 AM
The Daily Fix for Friday, March 15th
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Is Marco Rubio establishment, or anti-establishment?

"Rubio seeks to cast himself as the anti-Romney. Some people think we have to change. He said America doesn't have to change. America works. Rubio wants to walk this line without being completely anti-establishment. The Republican Party needs conservatism but people are saying Marco is still a little too close to the establishment."
Steve Pearce's advice to GOP on Hispanics

Rep Steve Pearce (R-NM) is a conservative Republicans who does not support pathway to citizenship and yet has been successfully elected and reelected in a predominantly Latino district. He says, "I think if we as conservatives just pass immigration reform and expect them to like us we are mistaken. They want to hear what your values are. They won't like us until they know us."
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Chip Flaherty on the importance of family friendly TV

Chip Flaherty, Vice President of Walden Media, discusses why his company is producing Walden Family Theater, a television program that will present family friendly movies on the Hallmark Channel. ""Its just a natural progression of what we have been trying to do. Give families the opportunity to watch a movie together. There are not a lot of family friendly shows out there," says Flaherty. The people at Walden are very sensitive to the importance of storytelling for people. Flaherty points out, "Story meets people where they are in life. And this shows the great responsibility and power that we have as storytellers."
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