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June 28, 2013 10:54 AM
The Daily Fix for Friday, June 28th
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Who’s going to represent conservatives now?

What happened to the Reagan Magic Formula of Conservatism? While the Democrats continually cater to their constituents’ wants (from climate change, to gay marriage, to Obamacare, to immigration), our Republican representatives continually drop the ball... No Republican representative supports the full breadth of our conservative values anymore! We see this again and again—from the Republicans who voted for the immigration reform to Rand Paul’s support of Justice Kennedy…. Is there no one who will consistently represent our values and fight to satisfy our base?

Rep. Huelskamp: GOP must stand strong in the House

Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) spoke of his plan to counter the recent SCOTUS case, which struck down DOMA. He insisted that, “in the next two days I’ll be constructing a Constitutional Amendment to make marriage between one man and one woman.” He also discussed the future fate of the immigration bill and whether the GOP in the House will uphold their integrity with voters and refuse to sell out to the pressures of big business and the misguided aims prompted by ambitions of reelection. (Laura 365 Exclusive)

Gov. Perry is disappointed Sen. Davis doesn’t believe every life is precious

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) asserted that the voice of the Texan people will be heard in the 2nd special session, in spite of Wendy Davis’ attempts to mute those voices with her filibuster. He explained that the Texan populous has the right to pass this law, and that the beauty of federalism is that those who don’t agree with this law are free to move to a state that better represents their values: “Federalism is the cornerstone of our nation and Washington’s attempt to systematically implement one-size-fit-all legislation is simply not correct”. Perry also told Laura that by the end of the year he would speak with his family and determine whether he would be a 2016 presidential candidate.  (Listen Free) Facebook Fark Furl
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