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July 12, 2013 4:07 PM
The Daily Fix for Friday, July 12th
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Is the House weakening on immigration reform?

"The GOP must stop getting into bed with the cobras over there in the Senate... If [Republicans in the House] can hold the majority leadership's feet to the fire on immigration and stop the madness on this reform, then [we] have a chance of winning."

Congressman Brady reveals House weaknesses on immigration

Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) demonstrated how the House Republicans may be capitulating on immigration. Brady said that "there is no Senate good-faith belief at all, in fact just the opposite, there is suspicion and skepticism both about the White House and what the Senate wants out of this bill." He asserted that the House GOP is going to try to write their "strongest, most principled solution and fight it out all the way," but Laura remained skeptical - no conference , only the fence. (Listen Free)

Rebekah Gregory taking her recovery one day at a time and proving herself to be an inspiration to all

Rebekah Gregory, a survivor of the Boston Bombing who is fighting to keep her leg, recalled the traumatic moments following the blasts and said how her immediate reaction was to protect her son. She talked about her Christian faith and how it has helped her on her road to recovery, even offering forgiveness to the Tsarnaev's for their misled ways. She shared that surviving such an attack has given her "a clear picture of life" and that it has made her realize who and what is really important to her. (Laura 365 Exclusive) Facebook Fark Furl
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