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April 30, 2013 1:53 PM
The Change 'Millennials' Don't Believe Anymore
Posted by Staff

The change you asked for isn’t getting you very far, is it?  Millennials, one of the driving forces behind President Obama’s election in 2008, are becoming increasingly disenchanted with “Obama’s America.”  They feel their degrees aren’t getting them anywhere, they are increasingly more cynical towards politicians in Washington, and generally they are “more discouraged” than before our current POTUS was elected.  Is the rhetoric not enough anymore?  Are the fun and games, the schmoozing with Hollywood celebrities, and the golf outings with Tiger Woods not providing them with the ‘change’ they were promised?  The recent Rasmussen polls show that almost as many voters (46%) disapprove of Obama’s policies as approve (51%), and according to the New York Times “only 39 percent of young voters trust the president to do the right thing, as opposed to 44 percent in 2010.”   The only change I see is President Bush’s approval ratings skyrocketing as our current president’s continue to tumble. But don't worry Mr. President, you can always quit your day job, you already shoot 2-22 from the foul line. Facebook Fark Furl
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