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June 27, 2014 8:41 AM
The American People Strike Back
Posted by Staff
What do the US soccer team, immigration policy, the pro-life movement and Bloomberg’s ban on soda have in common? Each showcases the zest and passion Americans employ in fighting the good fight. Whether in the courtroom or on the field, Americans are not backing down!

From California to Texas, Americans continue demanding a stop to amnesty. In Escondido, California public outrage closed down a proposed illegal immigrant detention center, and in Arizona Governor Jan Brewer continues voicing her criticism of the Obama Administration’s immigration policies. Today, on the one-year anniversary of the Senate’s Gang of 8 Bill, strides have been made across the country in states from Texas to Arizona, California, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts and there are no signs of stopping.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court finally noted the ineptitude of the Feds and returned power to its rightful place – the American people. Not only were the President’s recess – appointment powers curbed in a landmark decisionThursday, but a Massachusetts law that created “buffer zones” around abortion clinics was struck down and declared a violation of the 1st Amendment. Obama has abused his office and the rights of the people have been pushed to the backburner. This is not flying for citizens anymore.

In the Big Apple, the Big Gulp is back. Bloomberg tried to stamp out the Big Gulp but an appeals court declared on Tuesday that his attempt to get into New Yorkers' lunch boxes was unconstitutional. Americans know what’s for dinner and it’s none of your business Bloomberg.

Making history around the world, for the first time in a World Cup the US soccer team has moved past the group stage in consecutive world cups. The US outscored its opponents by more than Portugal in the group stage and plays Belgium next week. USA USA USA! Facebook Fark Furl
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