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April 9, 2013 4:45 AM
Thatcher's victories
Posted by Laura
If you read anything on Lady Thatcher this week, please read her former advisor John O'Sullivan's insightful tribute. It will make all the hateful, venomous commentary in the British press dissolve into the background. She was a strong, forceful, courageous woman who felt that a government grown too large crushes the people's spirit, as well as their pocketbooks. She demanded accountability from those who preferred to coast on the taxpayers' shilling. She understood that there was no moral equivalency between the West and the Soviet Union. So of course both the "Grandees" (our elites) as she liked to call them were usually in a state of apoplexy around the woman. She represented the opposite of their world view--for a time at least, she slowed their domestic agenda, and helped Ronald Reagan knock off the Soviets without a single shot fired. We will never see another one like her. Godspeed.
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