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January 29, 2014 11:45 AM
Tell your Representatives where you stand
Posted by Staff
Elites in politics and the media want you to believe that immigration amnesty is inevitable. The Republican establishment want to rush measures through Congress without debate and without your input. Don't let them. The GOP House needs to hear from you now on immigration.

I stand for our Constitution and the rule of law. I stand with American workers and those searching for work. I stand with American families whose budgets are being stretched thinner every month. I stand for the enforcement of strong border and immigration laws and against the president's use of executive authority to weaken those provisions. I oppose the current GOP & Democrat collusion on "immigration reform" [read: amnesty], being done at the behest of global corporatists and open border absolutists. I reject the idea that America needs millions of more foreign workers when we have millions of Americans desperate for work or underemployed. Republicans should not waste another minute on immigration. Their focus should be on continuing the fight against ObamaCare, and implementing policies that will help spur jobs for the American people and lawful residents.

Share this link with your friends and everyone who cares about our empowering our middle class and restoring the DREAM to those Americans and legal immigrants who want opportunities, not government hand-outs.

Call your Representatives to make sure they are looking out for the best interests of hard-working Americans like you. Facebook Fark Furl
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