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January 28, 2014 10:07 AM
Tea Party v. Establishment, redux
Posted by Staff
How many often have you seen these headlines: "Whither the Tea Party?" Or "Tea Party, RIP?" Or today's headline in Politico Magazine: "Can Mike Lee save the Tea Party?" Caught off guard by the electoral strength of the fed up, outside-the-beltway conservatives in 2010, the Washington establishment has been vexed by the Tea Party ever since. Liberals in the media have engaged in rank wishful thinking, quick to forecast the Tea Party's imminent demise. Democrats have tried to demonize them out of existence--their obsession with Sen. Ted Cruz and the government shutdown being the prime example. And Republicans like John Boehner are generally annoyed they have to deal with these upstarts in Congress. So how has the movement for a return to limited government fared through this barrage of insults and low expectations? Answer: very well, thank you. The Washington Post delivers some chilling news to the elites in both parties who have looked down their noses at the Tea Party. (Yes, I was surprised the Post reported this, too.) Memo to out of touch politicians, incumbents who answer to K Street, not Main Street: underestimate these Tea Party conservatives at your own peril. Facebook Fark Furl
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