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March 20, 2013 5:34 AM
Tales of the lovesick: A bolder Michelle Obama steps out...
Posted by Laura
This could be one of the most moronic, sycophantic and absurd things I have ever read about our beautiful First Lady. She's just now coming out of the "shadows" in the second term? As if she were a cloistered nun in the first? The First Lady injected herself into major domestic policy issues almost from day one--as the force behind the Child Nutrition law ($5 billion to guarantee that our children throw away their school lunches) and as a passionate advocate for the "Affordable" Care Act. In fairness, she also did some terrific events for our military families with Jill Biden. But back to this journalistic homage--hardly a homebody for her first four years in Washington, Michelle traveled the world from Aspen to Botswana, from London to Malibu, with the American taxpayers footing the hefty bill. She has the largest staff of any First Lady in history, and she mixes effortlessly amongst the glitterati, entertaining celebrities from Beyonce to Brad Pitt. She appeared what seemed to be an endless loop of popular TV shows from Jimmy Fallon to Ellen, from The View to Leno. She even got slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids Awards. But not as bad as we were slimed by this pointless piece of faux journalism.
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