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May 20, 2013 5:04 AM
Tales from across the pond...and us
Posted by Laura
Here are three interesting pieces of news from the UK:

1. By the year 2031, foreigners will outnumber Brits. The elites in the UK urged her citizens to accept EU membership and all that this entailed vis a vis a liberal immigration policy. Conservatives throughout the country were deeply resistant--and for good reason. Recently on the show British journalist Peter Hitchens said Britain to a large extent no longer "feels like home," as people stream in from Eastern Europe and beyond with little or no connection to the culture and traditions of his homeland.

2. An unnamed senior member of Cameron's inner circle, defending Cameron's EU policy, described British conservatives who are skeptical about the EU as "mad, swivel-eyed loons."

3. Following the lead of the French government, Cameron is now hoping that the Labour party will help him pass a gay marriage bill opposed by many British conservatives.

Meanwhile, our leadership is working with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama to implement a new open-borders policy that would have a devastating effect on GOP voters. I am increasingly convinced that our biggest problem is not the left, but the folks who claim to be on our side, but who despise us too much to ever really do what we want.
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