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October 21, 2013 4:58 PM
Taking the "O"prah out of Obamacare
Posted by Staff
You know things are getting pretty bad for the Obama's when they can't even solicit celebrities to parade around their ridiculous government programs anymore. But the loss of Oprah's endorsement is something the Obama's probably never saw coming and it must have stung quite a bit. The New York Post and Edward Klein reported this weekend that while many other celebrities may be out fighting the 'good' fight to flaunt Obamacare, Oprah has decided to snub the Obama's and say NO to Oprahcare once and for all. 

Oprah refused to attend an Obamacare promotional event at the White House earlier this year and according to her advisers the decision was made without reservation: “All of Oprah’s top people thought she would go, because when the president invites you to the White House, most people automatically say yes,” said one of Oprah’s closest advisers. “But Oprah said she didn’t have the time or inclination to go. It wasn’t like she had to think it over. It was an immediate, flat-out, unequivocal no.”

I wouldn't want to put my good name on a failing bureaucratic nightmare either, so it's hard to fault Oprah for that, but there might be even more to it... Klein points out that while Oprah was a huge proponent of Obama during the 2008 election, since then her support has cooled off: "Oprah has been absent from his [Obama's] battles on gun control, immigration reform and the environment," Klein wrote. And that's not all. Apparently the bad blood goes right to the top.

"Oprah doesn’t like being with Michelle, because the first lady is constantly one-upping the president and anybody else around her,” said an Oprah adviser. But that's just how it goes at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. You either get on the bandwagon or you are refused entrance to the White House like every other normal middle class American. I can't say I feel too bad for Oprah, but anything that hurts Obamacare is good in my book. What's that old adage...? The enemy of my enemy... Facebook Fark Furl
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