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January 31, 2010 8:00 AM
Taking the Country Back, Race by Race
Posted by Laura Ingraham
We cannot wait for the "powers that be" in Washington to reset our nation in the right direction. Taking cues from the RNC or career politicians is a loser strategy. We the people are ready to deliver real "change." This begins now. In primary fights, in governor's races, in Senate and House races, we are supporting those candidates who are committed to the basic principles of freedom and economic prosperity that will sustain future generations. Please consider doing what you can to help the following candidates:

Feb. 2nd: Illinois Senate Republican primary: Patrick Hughes

March 2nd: Texas Senate Republican primary: Michael Williams

Jun. 8th: VA-05 Republican primary: Lawrence Verga

Jun. 8th: California Senate Republican primary: Chuck DeVore

Aug. 24th: Florida Senate Republican primary: Marco Rubio

Aug. 24th: FL-22 Republican primary: Col. Allen West

Sept. 14th: New Hampshire Senate Republican primary: Ovide Lamontagne

Nov. 2: Pennsylvania U.S. Senate: Pat Toomey
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