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December 18, 2013 4:57 PM
Taking from Peter to pay Paulo
Posted by Staff
Last night Senate Democrats blocked an amendment, and, in doing so, essentially voted to cut military pensions instead of closing a loophole that grants child tax credits to illegal immigrants. The fact that Democrats and Republicans decided to so egregiously and blatantly prioritize the benefits of illegals over our military personnel is despicable - the worst type of bipartisanship in Washington. These military service members have done nothing but pay, fight, and die for our country and our freedoms. They have sacrificed limbs, time, relationships and memories and now Congress has the audacity to ask them to sacrifice their pension as well--which for some will be their sole source of financial security as they near an age of greater weakness and vulnerability. The fact that these service members are willing to defend our country, only to be welcomed home by a government that spends gluttonously and chooses to penny-pinch perversely is a disgrace… our service men and women deserve better. Don’t look to the Laura Ingraham Show to kowtow to Paul Ryan, cozy up to Dems, or cater to illegals. Instead, we’ll continue to fight to protect those who have fought so hard to protect us. Facebook Fark Furl
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