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June 6, 2013 4:52 AM
Surveillance nation: phone records kept by Obama Administration
Posted by Laura
The NSA's seizure of Verizon telephone records is one more argument to shrink the size and scope of this government. The Patriot Act --of course passed at the urging of the Bush Administration post 9/11--was passed with insufficient consideration of the potential for abuse by an overzealous Executive Branch. Civil libertarians properly warned about this sweeping legislation which gave unprecedented powers to federal authorities to conduct surveillance on innocent people. Now, given what we know about Obamanauts at the IRS who harassed political opponents, it is no wonder that Verizon customers woke up fuming today. A Republican running for the presidency in '16 would do well, especially among young people if he or she pledged to roll back the "bipartisan surveillance apparatus."
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