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November 19, 2012
Steve King: Obama will prevail on fiscal cliff unless GOP is willing to walk away from the table
Posted by Staff
The Daily Caller reports:

Republican Rep. Steve King predicted that President Barack Obama will get what he wants out of the fiscal cliff negotiations because he is willing to go over the cliff, and that Republicans would have to be willing to call his bluff to have any leverage.

“I think Barack Obama has nothing to lose from hitting the fiscal cliff, going off the fiscal cliff,” King told The Daily Caller in an interview after Florida Sen. Marco Rubio spoke Saturday night at a fundraiser for Gov. Terry Branstad.

“I think he’ll drive the hardest of bargains because he’s happy to see the Bush tax brackets go up. He’s happy to see the death tax go up to 55 percent. That fits his class envy.”

“The payroll tax holiday, I don’t think he believes in that — that was just his tool to be able to say, ‘I cut taxes on the middle class.’ So that goes back,” King went on. “None of those things trouble him. He doesn’t want to reform the entitlement programs. He’s happy enough to cut the Pentagon.”
11/19/12 8:42 AM
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