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March 22, 2013 4:53 AM
Should Congress require cell phone firms to retain billions of private emails & texts?
Posted by Laura
We are always being monitored by someone when we are in public. But of course too much personal information in the hands of wrong people can be dangerous. Just for fun, do I what I am doing today. From the moment I leave the house, I am counting cameras--store cameras, red-light cameras, intersection cameras, elevator cameras, and building lobby cameras. Liberals wail about the "right to privacy" to justify 42 million abortions, but how many prominent liberals are rallying the public against our "surveillance culture"? It is stunning how quickly and easily people in our country have ceded their right to be left alone, away from the prying eyes of government snoops. Now law enforcement agencies are pushing for increased monitoring capabilities through the use of domestic drones, and of email and text messages. "Experts" think cell phone companies should retain our text messages for longer periods of time.

A House Judiciary SubCommittee hearing was held to discuss potential new updates to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986. Suggestions included requiring all cell phone companies to retain email and text messages for long periods of time as well as expedited federal access to this information. I say this is absurd and without probable cause that a crime has been committed, no one's emails should be banked or stored under federal edict. Join me on Facebook and Twitter to discuss the implications.
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