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October 24, 2013 4:11 PM
Sebelius is "not in Kansas anymore"... but her policies are still failures
Posted by Staff
Today on the show, Todd Tiahrt, former Congressman from Kansas, explained why he knew that Sec. Sebelius would be a disaster from the moment she was nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Tiahrt witnessed firsthand how Sebelius’ leadership decimated both Kansas’ economy and health insurance industry. As such, he wasn’t at all surprised by the failed rollout of ObamaCare: “She’s been a disaster for the insurance industry, for our state, and even for the Democratic party [which] she left in shambles when she went to Washington. So I’m not surprised at the outcome. What I am surprised about is the new defense of her.” Tiahrt argued that, “the real start of correcting this problem is getting rid of Sec. Sebelius and finding somebody who knows something about being an administrator - someone who knows something about software.” Yet, ultimately, his personal opinion is that at this point, “we ought to just let the system melt down” on its own. Tiahrt believes that the problems with ObamaCare are beyond repair because Sebelius was allowed to lead the initiative from the get-go: “The late entry of experts into this disaster is incredible. Here the national media fought and criticized Republicans [for] calling for a delay, and now the White House is saying maybe we do need a delay,” he said.

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