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April 23, 2013 4:00 PM
Rubio running out of wriggle room
Posted by Laura
Politico reported today something that many of us have known for some time: the "comprehensive" immigration bill written by the Gang of 8 and supported by the White House is a huge gift to the Democrats:

"If these [11 million] people had been on the voting rolls in 2012 and voted along the same lines as other Hispanic voters did last fall, President Barack Obama's relatively narrow victory last fall would have been considerably wider. Key swing states that Obama fought tooth and nail to win - like Florida, Colorado and Nevada - would have been comfortably in his column. And the president would have come very close to winning Arizona."

Seeing the potential fallout from this analysis, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio's office jumped into rapid response mode. His office issued a statement attempting to debunk the claim that the "Gang's" pathway to citizenship portends GOP electoral ruin, citing the words of none other than George W. Bush consigliere Karl Rove: "Not all 11 million illegal immigrants here today will qualify to become citizens, and not all of the 11 million illegal immigrants are Hispanic. Historically, many green card holders choose not to become citizens. And, unfortunately, not all eligible voters - regardless of their backgrounds - turn out to vote."

So let me get this straight, conservatives shouldn't worry because "not all" of the "Dreamers" and their parents will want to be citizens or vote? Totally unpersuasive. It seems to me that the Obama campaign did a pretty good job of turning out voters that the Romney people didn't think would turn out, so I'm not going to rely on likely voter models pushed by folks like Karl Rove. Imagine the campaign commercial Democrats will now be able to produce in 2014 and 2016: "Republicans like Marco Rubio and Karl Rove don't think you'll vote. Prove them wrong! Si se puede!"

Plus, who in the Obama DHS is going to deny someone with provisional status citizenship because he or she is missing some document or can't pay a fine? Please. All these "requirements" will be waived and exceptions will be made, certainly under a Democrat president. And is Rubio really so naive as to believe that Democrats will leave immigration alone even if this bill is passed? Nothing stops them from coming back in 2014 and promising to eliminate some of the "burdens" and "waiting periods" that mean-spirited Republicans insisted on. Then what does Rubio & Co. do?

Finally, we should note that the Washington Post did its own examination of the trends and basically agreed with Politico: "[We] looked at the potential fallout of immigration reform earlier this year, and concluded that - with all the caveats that Rubio mentioned - Democrats would likely benefit." So even the pro-amnesty Washington Post doesn't believe Rubio (or Rove).

The longer this debate goes on, the more Marco Rubio boxes himself into a corner and the worse he'll look to conservatives. Either he is too naive to understand the consequences of the legislation as drafted and the intentions of those who would implement it. Or he is all in with the fanatical open-borders agenda being pushed by the Obama Administration and his fellow gang members. Memo to Marco: Run, don't walk, to the nearest exit.
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