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February 8, 2013 8:38 AM
Rick Perry to GOP: Embrace conservatism, moderation is 'a failure'
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Today on The Laura Ingraham Show, Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry came on the show and claimed that the pathway to Republican victory is social and fiscal conservatism instead of moderation, taking aim at Karl Rove's American Crossroads.

"Karl Rove started American Crossroads..." Laura pointed out, and "had a 1% return on investments for the people who gave money.  Now they've started a new group, the Conservative Victory Project.”

“I think Americans are smart enough to figure out where to invest their money.” Perry responded, “[If] 1% return on your investment is what turns you on, then that will speak for itself.”

When asked whether the Tea Party was responsible for loses in 2012, Perry didn't think so. “I would suggest to you that people who try to moderate their views in order to win a particular vote are going to be weaker and weaker as time goes by... I think people want to see people they believe, people they trust, and people who that going to be consistent in their positions. Moderation in pursuit of electoral victory is a failure in my opinion.”

“It's easy to be popular.” Perry continued, “Being consistent is what Americans are really looking for. I think whether its the President of the United States or the governor of a state, consistency of philosophy will be carrying the day as we go forward.”

Laura asked whether the Republican Party should become more socially liberal, but Perry strongly disagreed. “I believe that fiscal conservatism is going to be one of the most powerful messages that we have. But also, standing up for traditional values that this country was based on, articulating them in a loving way... but in a way that is not compromising in the values.”

“I don't think we're going to see a lot of moderation on the part of Governor Perry,” Laura joked after the interview was over, “And yet somehow, his state keeps winning.”

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