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April 30, 2013 2:24 PM
Reuters fawns over female priest, Obama calls gay NBA player
Posted by Laura
Of course the "dinosaur" media will love her--she slaps tradition in the face. They loved Sandra Fluke not just because she clamored for free birth control but because she attended a "Catholic University." The press prominently features stories involving students who refuse to recite (or even stand for) the Pledge of Allegiance due to some "principled" stance against this or that long-standing American policy. And after telling us for decades that there should be a zone of privacy around what people do in their own bedrooms, the left-wing media and political establishment rush to embrace covering every sexual revelation. The president finds time in his schedule to call an NBA player who publicly declares his homosexuality. Michelle tweeted "we've got your back." (Do all gay people get such encouragement or only famous ones?) As for the rest of you who scratch your heads at all this, if you are waiting for validation from today's culture, you'll wait a long time.
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