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September 27, 2010
Repeal ObamaCare: Sign the Pledge!
Posted by Staff
Sign the 'Repeal Pledge' yourself, but force your represenative to sign it as well!

Congress and the Administration disregarded the clear will of the people in enacting the government takeover of our medical care; we must deauthorize, defund, and REPEAL it.

To do so, we must create accountability, so there is no more saying one thing and doing another. There are three interlocking building blocks that together create accountability:

Incumbents must take an action-oriented pledge that promises to DO everything they can do to make repeal a reality, and be held to it.

Challengers must take an action-oriented pledge that promises that if elected they will DO everything they can do to make repeal a reality, and makes clear what they would be doing now if they were the incumbent.

American citizens must let our political leaders know we mean it. As more of us sign the People's Promise, two things happen:

Members and candidates know we won't vote for them unless they've taken The Repeal Pledge, so there will be pressure to sign their own pledges.
And longer term we let the political leadership know that we expect this promise to be fulfilled, and are holding them accountable.

So sign the Pledge. Help us get other candidates to sign - your voice matters. ShareThis with other citizens who care about the future of quality medical care, and the future of America.
09/27/10 3:41 PM
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