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December 4, 2013 4:16 PM
Questioning Boehner's 'Tallent'
Posted by Staff
Boehner’s latest move says it all, and, unfortunately, for hard working Americans, it says all the wrong things. Yesterday, Boehner decided to enlist immigration advocate, Rebecca Tallent, to his Congressional team as his immigration advisor. Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX), who described himself as “not one of ‘those people’ who supports a pathway to citizenship, joined Laura today to weigh in on Speaker Boehner’s recent hire. Poe could not make heads or tails of the decision: “I can’t answer why Speaker Boehner would hire [Becky Tallent],” he said. Poe explained that the House has not even come up with any immigration reform bills that can pass, so Boehner’s decision seemed particularly out of left field given the fact that there simply “aren’t the votes for amnesty in the House.”

Obamacare Christmas Marathon

Obama has just begun his ObamaCare propaganda Christmas marathon, but it looks like the media was only in the game for the quick sprint… Already, we’re starting to hear the media tire of covering ObamaCare and even Joe Scarborough has said that the media can’t possibly cover ObamaCare every day. Thankfully, there are some who will continue to focus on the real news that’s changing our society-- Ron Fournier, national correspondent and editorial director of the National Journal, stood firm against Scarborough: “We have to [cover ObamaCare] every day. When a policy changes the social order, it’s the media’s job to cover it,” he charged. Fournier went on to explain that the media needs to avoid being taken in by the Obama Administration which he described as “a propaganda outfit” that is effectively “running a propaganda media organization.” Facebook Fark Furl
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