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July 17, 2013 9:02 AM
Pro-amnesty crowd pushes back on wages issue
Posted by Laura
The open-borders guys are finally trying to push back on the wage issue, but this is pretty weak from Douglas Holt-Eakin:

Basically, his response is: well, wages won't go down very much. Here's an idea: let's adopt policies where wages actually go up, and reject policies where the CBO tells us that wages will fall.

He also says "{e}ven a minimal impact cannot be blamed on earned legalization or a more rational visa system." But that's exactly what the CBO did – they found that passing this bill would lower wages.

Then he says the problem is that we're not saving enough. Well, then maybe we should address the savings problem, instead of seeking to bring in lots more workers. In any event, the CBO said that the problem was passing the Senate bill, not the savings rate.

And finally, he says, wages will be higher by 2033, so the "supposed attack on the middle class is both ephemeral and temporary." In other words, "we're only driving down your wages for 10 years – that's just a 'temporary' problem." It's not a temporary problem for anyone who's going too old to keep working by 2023.

Of course, the whole post is dressed up with the usual happy talk: "job-creating investor immigrants," "a workable agricultural and temporary worker program," "good for growth and incomes." Again, the CBO looked at the bill, and determined that it would drive down wages for the next 10 years. But as usual with the open-borders crowd, when faced with facts they simply retreat into their fantasies. They're more interested in how the economy should work according to their theories, then in how it actually works in real life.

And check out the comments, where Eakin is just being excoriated.
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