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August 15, 2013 4:45 AM
Poll: Strong maj. oppose more foreign workers in immig. reform
Posted by Laura
A new poll by Pulse Opinion Research surveyed 1,000 likely voters and found what should have already been obvious to our pro-immmigration reform pols all along. A solid sixty percent of voters oppose permitting more foreign labor in the U.S., which is currently allowed under the Senate "comprehensive reform" bill. Within the 1200-page bill is a pathway for approximately 20 million new foreign workers to come here over the next decade.

Anxiety of voters rests in the well-founded concern about flat-lining wages and the still miserably high U.S. unemployment and under-employment.

As for the supposed "labor shortage" quandary that businesses find themselves in today, The Hill reports:

"When asked what employers should do if they have trouble finding U.S. citizens to fill various jobs, 71 percent said they should raise pay levels to attract more candidates. Only ten percent said employers should bring in immigrant workers to keep costs down.

“The public, while having some sympathy for some amnesty under all those very tough conditions, isn’t interested at all in increasing immigration and increasing the level of foreign workers,” said Roy Beck, the executive director of NumbersUSA.

“The business community has put hundreds of millions of dollars into trying to get these immigration increases through because it really goes against the basic thoughts and nature of the American voters,” he added."

No matter how much money Mark Zuckerberg and pals spend to lobby Congress, and on fancy ad campaigns, they can't lobby past the common sense of the American people. We see through your silly hoodie and right through your relationship of convenience with Rep. Paul Ryan.
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