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June 13, 2013
Politico goes with misleading poll on amnesty bill
Posted by Laura
The American media, perhaps weary of reporting on the Obama scandal du jour, are now doing the full-court press to ensure passage of the Gang of 8 bill. When they are not featuring tear-jerker stories about families hugging through the border fence, they are featuring polls that supposedly show a groundswell of support for a "comprehensive" approach to immigration reform. From Politico:

In each state, the pollsters described the legislation in accurate but positive terms, telling participants that the Gang of Eight bill would help “secure our borders, block employers from hiring undocumented immigrants” and require undocumented immigrants to meet “a long list of requirements … over more than a decade” in order to obtain a pathway to citizenship. Presented with that favorable description of the legislation, voters responded warmly, with between 61 and 78 percent in each state expressing support.

Well, that description is not accurate. The Gang of Eight bill would not secure our borders, block employers from hiring undocumented immigrants, or require undocumented immigrants to meet a long list of requirements over more than a decade to obtain a pathway to citizenship. The border enforcement provisions are a joke, the U.S. government will not enforce the provisions against hiring undocumented immigrants, and the requirements for citizenship will probably be waived or weakened down the road. As with Obamacare, the real power and force of this legislation will been seen in the vast rule-making authority granted to the Secretaries of Homeland Security and Commerce to implement its language, as well as in the significant discretionary power to dispense with restrictions and conditions for the path to citizenship or future admissibility. Any Republican who takes comfort from these polling numbers is just kidding himself.
06/13/13 1:03 PM
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