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January 7, 2013 5:54 PM
Planned Parenthood: One Year, 333,964 Abortions; 1 Every 94 Secs
Posted by Laura
The killing fields of Planned Parenthood were red with blood and green with money. It finally released its 2011-2012 annual report, and the news is grim. When you put aside politics and really think about this, really train your mind on the sheer gravity of this number, the brutality of the procedure done 333,934 times to nascent human lives, all those children who will never laugh and play, it is stomach-wrenching. Horrific as that is, it is also obscene that nearly half-billion in our tax dollars goes to Planned Parenthood, which wants to keep the killing factories humming. The "non-profit" organization makes big money off its big abortion business. The group has assets of $1.24 billion! So does Why does it need taxpayer money to fund its other services? Oh and even more mind-blowing--PP president Cecile Richards said, "We are so very proud of our many successes."
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