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May 2, 2013 10:03 AM
"Peaceful" Immigration Protests? Not in Seattle.
Posted by Laura
Police are reviewing surveillance video tape in the aftermath of a "May Day" march for "reforma de imigracion" (immigration reform) that turned violent. Several police officers were injured, 17 marchers arrested. Many of the marchers, shouting through bullhorns, were screaming in Spanish "Shame on you," ostensibly comments directed at members of Congress who won't give into their demands for immediate amnesty. The march was attended by union members, illegal aliens, and a few wearing scary ski masks. Police officials recounted how the crowd continued to surge around the officers and would not disperse when asked to do so, which is when the pepper spray was used. Video shows that the mood of the protest became menacing and violent. Others attended simply to voice their demands. In an interview with the Seattle Times during the march, Karen Calvo, 21, wearing a graduation cap on her head, said, "We just want the government....to be able to support us with any type of scholarship or loans." Sad when "to dream" about America is less about the values of freedom and personal responsibility and more about government benefits. Once again, for decades our bloated government helped nurture this entitlement mentality, and now we are paying the steep price.
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